Free Volvic Juice


Download a free voucher from ‘Volvic Offers’ website to get a free bottle of Volvic Juice. Use the code 3057640117268 in the required field and afterwards choose the product you want to get for free and print off the voucher. Click the GRAB IT HERE button to visit Volvic Offers website.

Free Yazoo Zero Sugar Milk Drink


Grab your free voucher to get a bottle of Yazoo No Sugar Added and redeem it from any of the nearest store that has the stock. You voucher will be sent via email and you need a printer to print it off. Click the GRAB IT NOW button so that you can be taken to …

Free Haig Clubman Whisky


Haig Club has got 100 free bottles of Clubman whisky on their website. To claim a bottle, you must verify your age and then fill up the entry form. After entering your details, you will automatically be entered in the competition. Winners will be selected at random. Click the GRAB IT NOW to navigate to …

Free Belgian Chocolate For Professionals


If you are a chocolate professional then you can get a free sample of Callebaut Belgian chocolate to try out. Provide them your details along with your business information so that they can send out the sample accordingly. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to visit the chocolate sample page.

Free Marmite Jar


The Sun newspaper is giving away 1000 free jars of Marmite on their SunOffer website. Enter the competition today by supplying your details on their online form. If you win a jar, it will be sent directly to you. Click the GRAB IT NOW button and get yourself a free jar today.

Free Little Dish Pot Giveaway


Grab a free Tesco voucher for Little Dish Pot or Pie. Fill up the form on the giveaway page with your name and email address so that they voucher can be sent to you. Print out the voucher and take it to the nearest Tesco store to redeem it. Click the GRAB IT NOW button …

Free Itsu Sweet Chilli Prawn Cracker


Get a full free case of Itsu Sweet Chilli Prawn cracker from Emerald Street. Currently they are giving away 300 free cases of Itsu Crackers and you can also get one for yourself by entering the free competition. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to go to the competition entry page now.

Free Snackbox From Graze


For this offer you must be with phone network O2, they are offering you a tasty snack box which includes flavours such as Lemon Flapjack, Chocolate Pretzel Dippers and more. Get this freebie by pressing GRAB IT NOW, and download the O2 Priority app, and show them in any of your local Boots store.

Free Bear Fruit Yoyo Snack Bar


Lloyds Pharmacy and O2 Priority app have teamed up to give free Bear Fruit Yoyo bars to anyone who is on the O2 network. Just go to the offer page and find out how you can get this freebie. Click the GRAB IT NOW button and then click the Use now button in order to …

Free After Eight Mint Chocolate


At the moment ASDA is giving away 1000 free boxes of After Eight chocolate and you can also get your hands on one by taking part in the competition. To enter the competition, fill up the entry from on ASDA promotion page. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to visit the competition page. Fill up …

Free Soreen Cake Bites


Soreen is giving away free Squidgy cake bikes at the moment to anyone who download their voucher. Just download the free cake voucher given away by Soreen and redeem it from your nearest ASDA store. Click the GRAB IT NOW button and download the voucher to claim the free cake bites.

Free Ketepa Kenya Tea Sample


Ketepa Tea is giving away free sachets of their kenya tea. Fill up the form with your personal details and mailing address so that they can send it to you. There are 5000 samples available on their website. Click the GRAB IT NOW button and you will be redirected to the offer page.

Free Jack Daniel’s Prizes


Jack Daniel’s is celebrating it’s 150th Anniversary by giving away 150 freebies every friday evening. These include their drinks, keychains, t-shirts and various gig tickets. Visit their website on Friday evening and fill up the form for a chance to win some exciting freebies. Click the GRAB IT NOW button and the fill up the …

Free Bonterra Wine


If you love Bonterra wines then this freebie is for you. Waitrose has got 100 wine bottles to giveaway for free on their website. Fill up the form on the freebie offer page in order to participate in the competition now. Click the GRAB IT NOW button, fill up the form and submit it to …

Free Pack Of Maggi Fusian Noodles


If you love to shop online at Tesco then this freebie is for you. You can grab a free pack of Maggi Fusian noodles and you get to choose any flavor you like. Add the product in cart and use the code GRTGRH at checkout to deduct the price from total. Click the GRAB IT …

Free Gourmet Burger Kitchen Sauce


Get your hands on the fantastic GBK sauce which makes your home burgers taste like restaurant. To get this freebie, you will have to go to Mr. Hyde website and take part in the contest. There are 1,000 of these free jars available. Click the GRAB IT NOW button and enter your details.

Free Pack Of SuperBerry Granola


Jordans Cereals is giving away 1,000 free packets of their tasty berry granola. You will need to provide them you details and they will add you in their contest. Winners will be selected at random and if you win a pack, it will be sent to your home address. Click the GET FREEBIE button and …

Free Alpro Go On Yogurt


Get a free pot of Alpro Go On yogurt from their official website. They are giving away 20,000 of these pots and would expect to get an honest review about what you think about these products. Provide your details using their online form and a coupon will be sent to you which you can redeem …

Free Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Bottle


Treat yourself with a free 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola zero sugar as Coca-Cola is giving away free coupons on their website. Navigate to their website and then request your free coupon and redeem it at any of the nearest stores. Click the GRAB IT NOW button and then on next page, scroll down to the …

Free Taylors Fruit Flavoured Tea


Get your free taster pack of Taylors tea by giving them your mailing address and other required info and it will be sent to your home. There are various flavours to choose from so you are guaranteed to get your favorite one. Click the GRAB IT NOW button given below in order to go to …

Free Dairy Cultures Tea Sample


Get a free sample of Dairy Cultures tea by signing up for their email newsletter. When you submit your details, you are automatically entered in the the prize draw to win a free taster pack from them. So head over to their website and fill up the form today. Click the GRAB IT NOW button, …

Free Green Tea By PG Tips


You can get a free sample of green tea that is being offered by PG Tips on their Facebook page. In order to claim your free sample, you will have to signup using a form on their Facebook page and they will then send you the sample very soon. Click the GRAB IT NOW button …

Free Pique Organic Tea Sample


Grab a free sample sachet of Pique Organic Tea which is guaranteed to excite your taste buds. The tea is in the form of crystals which are produced through a special process to keep it fresh. Get you free sample by filling in the form on ‘Pique’s’ sample page. Click the GRAB IT NOW button …

Free Sample Of Vegan Parmesan Cheese


You can try out a free sample of Vegan Parmesan cheese from ‘Eat Parma’ company. Their product is dairy, gluten and soy free so if you are allergic to anyone of these, you can still try out this amazing product. To get to the free sample page, click the GRAB IT NOW button and then …

Free Canderel Sweetener Sample


You can now get a free sample of Canderel sweetener from their official website. This zero calorie sweetener is very much liked by health conscious people. Fill in the form on the Canderel sweetener sample page in order to get it delivered to your mailing address. Go to their website by clicking on GRAB IT …