Free Nivea Men Samples


Nivea Men is giving away free samples of their products when you signup on their website. You will also get other promotional offers from them. Just signup now to start receiving free samples. Click the GRAB IT NOW  button to go to Nivea website and signup now to start receiving free samples.

Free Poison Girl Fragrance


Boots has got 20,000 mini samples of Dior Poison Girl fragrance. To acquire a free sample for yourself, fill in the form with all the required details including your name and postal address. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to go to Boots website now and ask for a free sample.

Free Workout Guide


Doing a proper workout is necessary to get a good shredded body. Get a free guide from LA Muscle that helps you with getting a well toned body and 6-pack abs. Request it by adding it in cart and checkout. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to go to LAMuscle website and get free fitness …

Free IKEA Furniture Safety Kit


If you are a parent to small children then you might take the necessary precautions so that your children don’t get hurt in home accidents. IKEA is giving away free safety kits which makes your furniture safer for your children. Request it by filling in the form. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to visit …

Free Ribena Beverage


Get a bottle of Sparkling Rebena for free and you can choose any flavour you want. Visit their promotional page and put in your email to receive a voucher and redeem it from any nearest store. Click the GRAB IT NOW button and download your free voucher to get a free bottle of Ribena.

Free Kinder Bueno Minis Bag


Grab a free bag of Kinder Bueno Minis Bag by filling up the form on their website with your details and tell them about who will share it with if you win a bag. The winners will be announced on their website and the prize will be directly sent to your mailing address. Click the GRAB …

Free Dog Chews


Purina has specially designed Dentalife dog chews which makes your dog’s gums and teeth strong and healthy. Try a free sample by request it from Purina’s official website. Fill out the form with your address and some little details about your dog to receive a sample. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to go to …

Free Tauck 2017 Wall Calendar


Tauck is giving away free 2017 wall calendars featuring pictures of very beautiful locations across the globe. Request your free calendar by providing your details using the form on their website. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to go to Tauck website and request your free wall calendar.

Free Lizi’s Granola Pack Giveaway


Lizi’s granola is very healthy and tasty and you will surely enjoy it for your breakfast. Take part in their survey for a chance to win a full sized pack of their granola. After taking the survey, supply your details so that if you win a pack, they can contact you for delivery. Click the …

Free Husse Pet Food Sample


Husse is a renowned name in UK for it’s quality pet food supplies. Try a free sample from them for your cat or dog. Load the product sample you want in cart and checkout with your details. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to visit Husse sample page now and get your free sample.

Free iPhone Protective Case


Protect your iPhone by getting a free protective case from Mobile Fun. They have 10,000 free cases available for iPhone 7 which they are giving away to anyone who fill up the form and requests it. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to order your free iPhone 7 protective cover now.

Free EasyPick Toothpick Samples


Get a free sample of EasyPick toothpicks from Compare The Treatment website. Cleaning your space between the tooth will become pretty easy by using these toothpicks. Fill up the form to receive a sample. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to order your sample now.

Free Carex Special Edition Hand Wash


Carex is giving away personalized Love Hearts bottles of their hand wash. Fill in the form on their website with your personal message and they will send the bottle to you if you win it. Click the GRAB IT NOW button and submit your entry now for a chance to win a personalized bottle of …

Free Garnier Olia


You can get a free tube of Garnier Olia hair colour after cashback. Buy your favourite shade and upload the picture of the receipt on the linked page and Garnier will refund you the money. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to go to the cashback page and request your money back which you spent …

Free Chocolate Lollipop


Try a free chocolate lollipop for free from Chocolate Fix. Choose between dark, white or milk chocolate. Submit your postal address on their sample page and they will send a free lollipop to you. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to visit Chocolate Fix sample page, fill out the form and submit it to order …

Free Aquamax Cream Sample


Aquamax cream locks the moisture in skin and treats various skin related problems like irritation and itching. Try a free sample today and see if it works for you. Head over to the Aquamax sample page and fill in your details to order a sample today. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to go to …

Free E-Liquid Sample Bottle


The Vape has a wide variety of ecigarette and eliquids. They want you to try their products and are giving free samples every month. Fill in your details for a chance to get free eliquid samples. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to go to The Vape website and provide your details to receive free …

Free KFC Coffee


KFC is giving away their regular coffee for free when you signup and download their app to your smartphone. After you have downloaded the app, you can then show the offer to the nearest KFC to claim the free drink. Click the GRAB IT NOW button and get the app for your phone to grab …

Free Hobbies & Crafts Magazine Issue


Get the latest issue of Hobbies & Crafts magazine which has more than 70 DIY card projects and you will learn to make greeting cards along the way. Supply them with your details so that you can get the latest issue via mail. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to grab your very own copy …

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Free Monu Skincare Products


Try some free Monu skincare product by liking their facebook page and then filling out the form. The skincare products include all the essentials that will treat your dry skin. Order your sample today to get it via post. Click the GRAB IT NOW button and order your free skincare pack from Monu today.

Free Avene Cleanser


Get your hands on a free Avene cleanser and moisturiser by filling in the details form and take a survey about your skin. Upon completion of your skin diagnosis, you will be handed over their samples to try out. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to go to the skin diagnosis page and fill out …

Free Valentine’s Cards


You can get a free valentine’s card for your special one from Cardmarket. Visit O2 Priority moments website and get your unique code and show it to the nearest Cardmarket store counter to get your free card today. Please note that you have to be a customer of O2 to avail this opportunity. Click the …

Free Aloe Ferox Sample


Try a free sample of Aloe Ferox skin cream that hydrates your skin keeping it look younger. You will have to provide your details using their online form in order to request it. Click the GRAB IT NOW button to go to the Natural Beauty Care website and order the sample.

Free Little Book Of Care


Care is giving away free books titled Little Book Of Care which has loads of tips and guides on how to treat and take care of your sick family members. It’s a must have little book that you will need in case of emergency so get it today. Click the GRAB IT NOW button and …