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Surely People Don’t Really Get Stuff For Free?

A lot of people have this same worry but every single day our readers are benefiting from free stuff. There are loads of companies out there using free samples and goodies to promote their business. It’s a great way to gain new customers and help spread the word of their business. We simply make it easy for people like you by putting them all in one place! Don’t worry though we vet everything we post to make sure that we don’t post spam or fake freebies. Instead you can get easy access to all sorts of products, so you can try before you buy.

How To Apply For Free Stuff

One of the first things you need to do is sign up for a new email address. You can sign up for a free Hotmail or Gmail account easily. Use this email address as your contact for any freebies. Usually when you apply for a freebie you get added to a company’s mailing list – so having a separate email address helps keep your personal inbox spam free.

Although it can be tempting to sign up for every single freebie you see, please try to keep things fair. Only apply for freebies that you are likely to use or actually want to try. Like it? Make sure you let the company know via social media, that way you encourage them to keep the products coming. Of course, if you really like it you can vote with your wallet and purchase the product at full price.

The speed in which you’ll receive your freebies is really varied, so don’t be put off of applying if you don’t get anything. Generally freebies can take anywhere between 2 and 12 weeks to arrive. Just keep at it and be patient – they will arrive!

Fantastic Freebie Hints and Tips

We’ve worked hard to make our website as user–friendly and easy to use as possible but here are a few tips to help you even more.

  • Use our website to look for freebies. We update our pages with the latest free stuff every single day. We check everything we post so you can feel safe applying for anything listed here.
  • There are text and picture links on our pages. Use these links to find free stuff, product samples and coupons.
  • We list our newest stuff first. We don’t always delete freebies straight away which means that if you start to read older posts you’ll find more expired offers. Deep down in the list you might find the odd fantastic freebie that is still valid but the generally speaking the newer the post the better.
  • We’ve listed everything under different categories. If there is a certain type of freebie you’d like then simply click the category link to find items you are most interested in.
  • Stay up to date with our latest freebies by signing up to our daily email updates. We’re also all over social media so make sure you follow us to ensure that you’re not missing out!

We pride ourselves in being the #1 resource for freebies. We spend time and put effort into checking the freebies that we post. We’d advise to be wary of other free stuff websites because they can be full of spam and fake offers. We’ve built our database to be trustworthy and reliable, to bring you only the best online freebies.

I Have A Freebie to Give Away!

If you’re giving away a free product sample then make sure you let us know. Here at Fantastic Freebies we’d love to help you gain exposure so make sure you get in touch to talk about possible partnerships.

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